Why The Rich Get Richer, The Poor Get Poorer & The Middle Class is in Debt & Stressed Out: Part I

MoneyHave you ever wondered what makes you wealthy, poor or middle class? Is it purely income or is there a nexus between social class and religion, race, nationality, family, property, job-description or even the clothing you wear?

The origins of the term “class” came from the Latin word, classis, which was originally used by Roman census takers to categorize citizens by wealth, in order to determine military service obligations.

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How An Average Lady Took 10 Years Off Her Appearance Without Surgery

The Story: I have to admit. For a man, this is pretty unusual behavior. I had been using anti-aging skincare products for 15-years. I used to be a loyal club member of a certain celebrity anti-aging skincare line for about 8-years. I guess as a younger man, I watched the adults in my life aging, getting older, getting wrinkles, age-spots and sagging skin, and I was afraid to end up looking that way. Maybe I’m self-conscious or just terribly vain. I don’t know.

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7 Steps to Achieving a Difficult Goal in The Shortest Period of Time

Multitask Do you often feel ensnared by your complicated, demanding life, suffocating in endless demands and obligations? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. People  frequently feel overwhelmed as they try to tackle the ordinary challenges of everyday life. But in most cases, this impression is an illusion because being overwhelmed is not a circumstance, but an emotion.

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How to Gain a Significant Business & Life Advantage in 5 Easy Steps

HardLifeNot everyone is born with the same life advantages as everyone else, like being born with a disability or being raised within a violent or severely unstructured family (and I’m sure you can come up with more examples). But even if our upbringing was more or less stable, we simply don’t reach adulthood with an equal blend of talents and attributes as the next person. For instance, you may be a better communicator, detailed oriented and organized, but your friend has more access to family money and a better education; or you may be a good problem solver, more academic and more mechanically inclined than your creative counterpart, but she has a wonderful talent for public speaking, making friends and influencing people. Continue reading

5 Sure-Fire Methods To Overcome Your Natural Instincts To Resist Personal Growth

CavemanImmersed in a rich, biotic environment,  it was imperative for our hunter-gatherer ancestors to monitor both humans and animal predators in order to survive. What invoked the hyper-vigilant behavior to watch and observe was a healthy form of fear – you know, the primal emotion for safety and self-preservation. Continue reading