How to Gain a Significant Business & Life Advantage in 5 Easy Steps

HardLifeNot everyone is born with the same life advantages as everyone else, like being born with a disability or being raised within a violent or severely unstructured family (and I’m sure you can come up with more examples). But even if our upbringing was more or less stable, we simply don’t reach adulthood with an equal blend of talents and attributes as the next person. For instance, you may be a better communicator, detailed oriented and organized, but your friend has more access to family money and a better education; or you may be a good problem solver, more academic and more mechanically inclined than your creative counterpart, but she has a wonderful talent for public speaking, making friends and influencing people.

My point is everyone has a unique blend of strengths and weaknesses, and shortcomings and aptitudes that have the potential, more or less, to balance themselves out, in order to give everyone an equal life advantage, with one catch… that balancing act is up to you!

Ask yourself. Are the people you see and hear about that are driving European sports cars, traveling the world, yachting and buying tropical islands really much different than you are? Not really. You read and listen, you’re ambitious, motivated, smart, a good speaker and a people-person. In fact, you’re pretty darn sharp! So, why do these jet-setters have the leg-up? The only difference is they effectively utilize the access to information, technology and mentors, and then increase their potential for success by consistently executing little tasks or strategies, every day over an extended time period that in the aggregate accomplish their primary goals.

So, where would you be today if you set foot on a different path a year ago and instead of reading entertainment and gossip magazines, the newspaper, a good crime or romantic novel, or watching T.V. and movies, you spent your time reading self-improvement books like, Jeff Olson’s The Slight Edge, Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, or David Bach’s Smart Women Finish Rich?

Then after reading these books to obtain the right entrepreneurial mindset, where would you be if you sought out and were taken under the wing of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Donald Trump or Sir Richard Branson; then, with your new mindset, duplicated exactly what they were doing? You guessed it. You’d probably be reading this blog from your own tropical island right now! Okay. I’m not on an island writing this blog, but the point remains the same.

Well, the good news is you don’t have to chase down Oprah and ask her if you can follow her around for the next year, because I’m going to give you the winning formula to gaining a significant life advantage in 5 easy steps: Adv

1. Return to The Classroom: Commit to furthering your education and training at least 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. No. You don’t have to go to college. Instead, begin reading any one of the books mentioned above (I have no affiliation with these books, I just like them) or a free ebook, or attend a self-improvement seminar, webinar or buy a CD or DVD series. Then take your learning into action by executing Step 2 below. Next, learn the material again (even outline the main points), then return to Step 2 and apply your learning once again. Alternate learning with application 5 times and amazing things will happen in your life that has never happened before!

2. Master The Mundane: Perform easy to do, simple disciplines or tasks every day over a prolonged period of time. At first these little tasks may feel uncomfortable to perform because, although easy to carry out, they’re a vast deviation from your usual daily tasks, whatever they may be. So, where do these tasks come from? They come from your learning material in Step 1, of course. These tasks will eventually accomplish your main goals that you previously wrote down in your day planner (see my blog,  5 Sure-Fire Methods To Overcome Your Natural Instincts To Resist Personal Growth).

3. Move up The Social Chain: Your earnings tend to equal the average income of the five people most frequently in your company. Therefore, regularly hang-out with five people who make more money than you do (mentors?). What if, for the last 5-10 years, you had spent time around people with significantly higher incomes than your own? What if instead of hanging out only with your buddies at the local sports bar, or your girlfriends at the mall you had cultivated a different group of friends in higher places? Do it for the long-term and watch the magic happen!

4. Chin-up and Show-up: Show up every day with a positive attitude when performing your newly-found secrets to success. It’s easy to fall into a slump and get off track, especially if you surround yourself with naysayers which, oddly enough, are generally your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors. Naysayers have never tried to accomplish what you’re about to and they’re scared you’ll succeed; because if you do, it will prove that they have been wrong about their philosophies their entire life. So, inoculate yourself from the negative energy by forming or finding a mastermind group of like-minded professionals to meet with at least once a week. This group will act as a kind of force-field to keep the pessimistic people at bay and to keep your new mindset intact.

5. Stay Accountable by Partnering-Up: Find a like-minded entrepreneur that you would like to work with; maybe someone from your mastermind group that you see eye-to-eye. Make a commitment to do what you say you’re going to do and report that commitment to your partner on a weekly basis. Studies have shown that those who begin a self-improvement program with a trainer or coach are more likely to complete their goals because they know they must report their success or failure to another person. It is the same with your business or personal goals. Do this and you’ll begin to notice you’re doing things that you never thought possible!

The information about how to change your life has always been available to you, and now it’s up to you to seek out and find the right learning material, coach, mentor, group, ally or partner to begin living your dreams (you can find many legit mentors on Twitter; just enter your keywords and run a search, or research self-improvement books on Amazon).Advantage0

There is no magic bullet, quick fix, or quantum leap method to reach success. There’s just the power of simple disciplines – taking small, incremental steps consistently every day over a sustained period of time that in the aggregate add up to one giant leap and accomplishing your goals!

Remember: These simple daily tasks are very easy to do, but equally easy NOT to do. Mastering mundane disciplines will add up to an abundant life that you’ve never had before, and not doing them will keep you where you are today. So, the only question that remains is, what simple action could you take right now to produce a new momentum toward success in your life? (Hint: Go to Step 1).

Enjoy this unique approach? Share it with others and follow me via email for blog updates. So, tell me. How do YOU gain the competitive edge in your life?

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