Discover The Truth Behind The Passive Income Business Model: Part IV – Relationship Marketing… A Driving Force Behind Joy, Enthusiasm, Purpose & Reward!

Success5Before I get started on the final article of this 4-part series, let’s first quickly recap what you learned in Part III:

1. Brick & Mortar vs. Relationship Marketing Compensation: A business owner must maximize his/her company’s benefits by minimizing employee benefits and not pay you what you’re actually worth. A Relationship Marketing (RM) company, however, will offer you not only the same, but a better opportunity than the owner or CEO where everyone has the same amount to gain based on personal effort.

Click here->To watch a celebrity home biz millionaire interview a Harvard Graduate Biz Professor on this subject

2. How Can A RM Business Afford To Pay On Multiple Levels?: By the vast amount of money saved bypassing traditional distribution and advertising costs.

3. Brick & Mortar vs. RM Distribution Costs: A B&M company marks-up their products at approximately 6 different levels of distribution – the manufacturer, national distributor, regional distributor, local wholesaler, the advertising budget and the retailer/restaurant. A RM company marks-up their products at approximately 3 levels and therefore, also saves money on 3 levels which goes back into the company to produce a better product for less, and to you and me!

4. How Does The RM Company Physically Distribute Product To The End-Consumer?: The RM company generally recruits the first product distributors by offering them an incentive to earn the profit that the eliminated 3 levels of distribution used to enjoy. These distributors are also offered a monetary incentive to find new distributors, as well as commissions for product reorders from these new distributors, and for the new distributor’s customers and the new distributor’s distributors and their customers too, many levels deep!

5. The Secret Behind The Efficacy of RM: Generally, all distributors are satisfied customers and there is no better salesperson than a person who shares about a positive experience with a product or service to family and friends by word-of-mouth. No other form of marketing comes close to this kind of advertising power!

Millions and millions of people worldwide are attracted to the idea of becoming a distributor for a RM company because they get to buy high quality product at wholesale and it’s business ownership without business headaches. In other words, the RM company handles all business functions and the distributors are free to just build their companies and be the marketing arm of the RM company.

Now Let’s Move To The Big Picture

You might be wondering how a small group of products or services turn into big money and if this is something where you’d be selling door to door? No, you don’t have to go door to door. I’ve seen owners of some of the most successful advertising companies in the U.S. look in amazement at how, what appears to them to be a cheap, little business can actually be more effective at penetrating the consumer market than one of their $50 million advertising campaigns. I know of two RM companies that have reached $1 billion in sales inside of 10 years. There has been less than 10 companies of any kind to ever do that.

When I’m done with this section about how sales volume moves, even if you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, you’ll become enamored at how efficiently and effectively products and services move in this industry. And it will explain why about 30% of AT&T long distance service was taken one time by the activities of relationship marketing (Sprint).

GearsWhat’s The HUGE Driving Force Behind Sales Volume in RM?

I’m going to explain who’s selling the product in the form of gears that drive sales volume in RM. There are 3 gears:

1. The first gear is Exploratory Volume: People who are exploring the business. In other words, if you like what you’ve read so far, your next logical step is to buy some product or use the service. You can’t promote a business if you don’t understand their products and service and believe in them. As soon as you buy some products to try it out, that’s some volume that just got sold.

2. The first gear drives the second gear, Wholesale Consumption: When people try products or services and they like them, generally they want to continue using them. Look how wholesale buying clubs work, like Costco or Sam’s – you pay a membership fee and you get products for wholesale. What kind of volume is wholesale consumption? Loyal consumer volume, from people loving the product and price of the product. That kind of volume is as solid as sales volume can get!

3. The third gear that drives sales volume is Retail: Buy low, sell high or wholesale to retail markup. RM has this too, but it’s only 1 of 3 kinds of volume. The way we market products is conversationally market them just like my example in Part III of “word-of-mouth” advertising when your friend tells you about a good movie or restaurant, or her new Smart Phone. So, in RM you’re not just earning on 1 kind of volume like traditional sales or retail markup, but 3 volumes from everyone in your organization. Once I understood this, I couldn’t go back to any other form of distribution; they’re just so inefficient compared to RM.

You Don’t Need Sales Experience Just Desire, Integrity & Persistence

I realize that you have heard of the RM industry before, know of a friend who was in it or even attempted it yourself. I recently just talked to someone who said, “A friend of mine at work just tried one of those and failed,” and acted like that should dissuade me from proceeding. Well, of course people fail. People fail at most everything. People even failed at my high school. One of the worst things you can do in life is compare yourself to people who have failed, because you don’t know how they approached the business.

For example, did they come in and do it as a profession or did theyPersistence just do it as a hobby? My point is you will do yourself a great disservice if you look at someone else’s success or failure as a determining factor as to what you’ll achieve. The RM business is just like everything else in life – it is what you make of it, and you get out what you put in.

However, Relationship Marketing does have something extremely unique about it. Sure, the average person won’t make $1 million a year, but the average person can recruit someone who will make $1 million a year and leverage at least 10% on that team member’s earnings.

Let’s say a very average person named Derrick doesn’t really believe that his RM company will amount to much, but Derrick is persistent enough to keep asking people if they’d like to join his organization. Soon Derrick sends a top producing real estate agent, Kyle, to my website who reads this article and ends up joining Derricks business and Kyle builds a $1 million business in 3 years.

You see, you don’t have to be a great salesperson, you only have to possess the desire to change your life and thus, the integrity  to persistently tell people about your business and then, sooner or later, you’ll sponsor or recruit a top producer. Derrick now realizes that if he just keeps going and doesn’t quit, he’ll eventually find another top producer. Then one day Derrick wakes up and realizes that he’s a top producer too because now he’s earning 6-figures by leveraging on his team members earnings. In other words, the average people of the world can become top producers if they just have desire, tenacity and persistence to share their business with others and don’t quit!

RM affords the unemployed or the busy professional the opportunity to supplement their income and have the opportunity to recruit a top producer, or someone in their organization to recruit a top producer to leverage on; which greatly increases their quality of life and gives them choices they never had before.

PossibleThe Secret To  Relationship Marketing Success

The fact is many, many people are successful at RM, but the bottom line is can you be successful? I don’t know. I can’t say I know you, but I think you can if you utilize your full potential and give it all you got. I mean, how did you get good at what you do now? Simply put, you just kept doing it until you got good at it, right? If you begin anything and you realize you’re not good at a certain aspect of it, change it, buy books on the problem area, attend a seminar or webinar, learn from your mistakes and get better at it. It’s a lot easier to learn a new skill than to avoid that skill and find an industry or job that doesn’t require that skill. If you want to grow financially, you have to growth personally and RM is the perfect opportunity for not only financial growth, but personal growth as well. Just face what you’re not good at and change it, confront it and beat it!

Let me ask you this. If you had an average job making $30k a year and the company you worked for said, “If you take a Sales & Leadership night course and pass it, we’ll pay you an extra $5k a year,” would you take the class? Then, what if they approached you after you passed the course and told you if you teach the Sales & Leadership course to other employees they’d pay you an extra $10k a year, would you do that? You’d probably say, “HECK YES!” and then do anything it took, right? Then, what if your company told you they’d pay you an extra $40k a year to put together teams of people to train other people who would do the same and then manage those teams to ensure their success, would you be willing to do that? Of course you would! Well, that’s just it. That’s all that Relationship Marketing is.

When I first got started in Relationship Marketing in 1994 I was tuning pianos during the day and taking night classes in business administration. I didn’t think of myself as a particularly good salesperson or a salesperson at all for that matter; but I was selling myself and my service every day when I tuned pianos. I did the business part-time for about a year and had a lot to learn, but what I already knew was you either have excuses or you have results; you can’t have both!

If you don’t mind, I’m going to get blunt for a moment. You’re already spending you’re valuable time right now getting good at something. Isn’t it fair that the end result of your time investment pay you a BIG income with more personal freedom? You’re wasting your talent and selling yourself short by working for someone else’s dream. I looked at Relationship Marketing and said to myself, “Sure, it’s gonna be hard, but everything that’s worthwhile is!” But let me tell you, it’s harder to not get what you’ve always wanted your whole life than it is to just do the footwork and get the “hard” out of the way.

The #1 Naysayers In Your Life Are Family, Friends, Neighbors & ColleaguesNaysayer

If you’re the type of person who needs everyone’s approval, I’ll tell you right now that you’re probably not going to get it in Relationship Marketing. How many wealthy people do you think got rich with everyone cheering them on, or anyone encouraging them at all? Probably none! In fact, the #1 naysayers in your life will tend to be family, friends, neighbors and coworkers. Unfortunately, for some reason, your success emphasizes their imagined inadequacies, lack of ambition and failures. It’s sad but true.

In Napoleon Hill’s book, Think & Grow Rich, his research revealed that fear of what others would think was one of the top reasons people didn’t achieve financial success. In my own research, if you actually make a list of the people you’re worried about judging you, it’s usually no more than 5 people. So, are you really going to let 5 people stand in your way of having what you’ve always wanted your entire life and fulfilling your dreams? And what I found is that they weren’t even true friends, just people I wanted to impress and have their approval, which in the end was entirely unnecessary. And if they were true friends, you wouldn’t fear what they thought of you or said, because a true friend would never discourage you from anything positive you sought after; they’d only encourage you. Believe me, I had my fair share of the people who wanted to protect me and save me from being scammed, but none of those people were going to put food on my table and pay for my kid’s education, my retirement or the things that I really wanted out of life, like traveling anywhere, anytime I want to.

Relationship Marketing: A “Bad Word” or A Better Quality of Life?

Please don’t base your perception or decision on outdated info. Just because you’ve heard of Relationship Marketing or tried it before, doesn’t mean it hasn’t completely changed over the years and many aspects of the industry has and for the better. I’ve known quite a few people who attempted RM 10 years ago and have recently tried it again, only to make a lot of money with it. Today, Relationship Marketing companies are making so many dollars available to distributors that it has now become a true and legitimate profession. The fact is, the reason so many people are coming into Relationship Marketing is they want control of their lives and a better quality of life, and Relationship Marketing offers you just that!

DelegateEducating, Empowering & Delegating Others Is A Component To Acquiring Wealth

I hear people complaining all the time that they’re too busy or don’t have enough time to join a Relationship Marketing company. People act as if time owns them instead of them owning time. What do you mean, “Not enough time?” That’s the only fair component in the equation of life. You see, not everyone starts with the same intellect and education and not everyone starts with the same amount of money, but everyone has the same amount of time in a day. Have you ever noticed that there are people with the same 24-hour period who make $15k a year and there are people with the same 24-hours that make $150k or even $15 million a year? Let me explain the difference:

I’ve often heard people say this familiar phrase, “It’s easier to just do it myself than trying to get other people to do it.” Whenever I hear someone say this I know that that individual has just sabotaged their success. All that person is doing is expending their time as opposed to investing their time.

Here’s a little secret:

Wealth is hidden from those who must do it all by themselves and wealth exposes itself to those who are patient enough to train others.

When you understand the power of educating, empowering and delegating others so you get more done, you’re truly on your way to acquiring wealth. Now, with that understanding of the importance of training others so you get more accomplished in a day, look at Relationship Marketing and you’ll see why I call it an Ingenious Reward. In RM, you’re actually making yourself unimportant to the creation of your income, because in RM what you teach and train others to do is duplicate what you do, which is to find and train other people which in turn multiplies yourself because you’re teaching others to sponsor, recruit and train other people. That’s why I think that next to your spiritual and personal growth, your health and your family, there is nothing in the world that you can do that will reward you better than investing your time in Relationship Marketing.

How Many Hours Can You Work In A Year… Without Sleeping?!?Tired

Now, let me explain something to you that is immensely profound. What are the maximum amount of hours you can work in a day? 24-hours, right? I mean, in theory if you never went to sleep. If it was  possible, what if you did that for an entire year: 365 days x 24-hours = 8,760 hours per year. This is the maximum number of hours you could possibly work in an entire year.

A friend of mine has 56,000 people in his Relationship Marketing organization worldwide. Now, let’s suppose that each person worked only 1-hour per year, which is 56,000-hours of work per year. This means that my friend is getting paid on 56,000-hours of work per year. But for you to get paid on 56,000-hours of work per year, you’d have to work 24-hours a day, without sleep, for 6.4 years before you reached that number of hours (56,000 ÷ 8,760 = 6.4) that my friend reaches in 1-years’ time at 1-hour per year!

Now, let me show you something that’s even more ridiculous. Suppose that all 56,000 people worked just 8-hours per year, which is 56,000 x 8 = 448,000 hours per year that my friend is being paid on. It would take you 51.1 years, 24-hours a day, without sleep, to be paid on 448,000 hours per year (448,000 ÷ 8,760 = 51.1) that my friend accomplishes in just 8-hours per year! In other words, what would you rather do, work 8-hours a year to obtain financial independence or work over 51 years, 24-hours a day (which is impossible, of course, because we all need sleep)?!?

It doesn’t seem fair, does it? Well, what’s not fair is that you might not have understood this until reading my 4-part article series and other people have long before I wrote it. But now that you understand it, take responsibility for it. Don’t just run away and create reasons why you can’t be successful in Relationship Marketing. The fact is, you can be successful at Relationship Marketing if you just open your mind, begin to change what your culture and society has taught you about working and how to make money, develop a new mindset about acquiring wealth, then persistently execute the daily tasks necessary to become successful and never stop until you are.

EnthusiasmRecreate Happiness, Enthusiasm & Purpose In Your Life Right Now!

I’m not writing this article to impress you with money or my knowledge because I don’t need to impress anyone. This article is merely for educational purposes only. My other purpose is to contribute back what was freely given to me and thus, to be of service. I write this article only to impress upon you that the difference between the wealthy and everyone else is leverage. You must understand this. And nothing gives you leverage in a faster, more ethical way than Relationship Marketing does.

Do you want happiness and enthusiasm back in your life? Do you want a new purpose to live again? Share my 4-part article series on Relationship Marketing with enough people to find 6 motivated people and teach them how you did it, then when they fire their boss, you’ll be surrounded by 6 of the most enthusiastic people in all the world, because you had something to do with getting their freedom back; then your life will be filled with new purpose and uninhibited joy by helping your new associates and their associates also become successful; because true happiness only comes from helping others do great things!

Ask Yourself… Is It A, B or C?

So, right now, get out a piece of paper and write down the things that you really want out of life, then contact me, another or your own Relationship Marketing sponsor and tell them whether you’re an A, B or C individual:

  • C = See You Later – I’m not interestedABC
  • B = Maybe I’m Interested – I would like to explore the product, then do so and don’t procrastinate. The #1 killer of financial success is procrastination, putting things off until tomorrow, somehow convincing yourself that you’re actually going to get around to it, but you never do for whatever reason. Don’t let this be you and get your product today!
  • A = Absolutely – I see how I can quickly leverage off of Relationship Marketing and I’m in! I know that you don’t have all your questions answered but you understand enough to start the process and begin your training. Hats off to you! And congrats for your ability to be decisive and care enough about you and your family to take action to better your life.

So, whether it’s my organization or the other 100s, if not 1,000s, of RM businesses available today, I say to you, join us. You’ll be happy you did. In a world of economic uncertainty and ups and downs, there is no better time than now to obtain personal and monetary achievement and to begin the process of getting everything you ever wanted out of life.

I thank you for reading my 4-part article series. I hope it’s been educational to you. But most of all, I hope that you put this info to good use to better your quality of life and start living your dreams.

I look forward working with you should our paths ever cross.

With respect & admiration,

Barry S. Leedham, J.D.

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(This article content was conceived from a concept by Tim Sales)

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