The Laser Sharp Competitive Edge: Part II – The Secret of The Simple Things in Life

Pos_NegHave you ever wondered why some people generally seem to be up-beat and positive most of the time, while others are negative and constantly complaining? Why do some people find it easy to stay in shape and exercise and some people don’t, even though they both have the same 24-hours and the same busy lives? And why do some people effortlessly make their dreams come true, while others struggle and end up helping someone else build THEIR dreams? Simply put, why are some people successful and some people are not? Continue reading


Part I: The Laser Sharp Competitive Edge To Greatly Increase Your Chance For Success In Anything You Do

CompEdgeThere are literally millions and millions of people today who are living lives not even close to what they yearn for… but they could be! The Information about how to become successful at anything, whether it’s wealth, health, relationships, weight loss or even how to play the piano, has always been readily available, but if you learn this info and don’t have the right philosophy to apply it the right way, success will elude your grasps. Continue reading