Part I: The Laser Sharp Competitive Edge To Greatly Increase Your Chance For Success In Anything You Do

CompEdgeThere are literally millions and millions of people today who are living lives not even close to what they yearn for… but they could be! The Information about how to become successful at anything, whether it’s wealth, health, relationships, weight loss or even how to play the piano, has always been readily available, but if you learn this info and don’t have the right philosophy to apply it the right way, success will elude your grasps.

There is no get-rich-quick or light-speed formula to achieve success overnight or even in 30 days. Over the years, very shrewd marketing and ad campaigns have drawn you in to “Lose 30 lbs. in 3-weeks” or “Make money while you sleep,” and the problem is, although you might have success in the early stages, your success won’t be long-lasting. Needless to say, this will end up frustrating you and make you give up on otherwise top industry info that if applied with the right philosophy would have provided you with sustainable results.

What the Laser Sharp Competitive Edge will accomplish is give you a philosophy that will become a filter for every self-improvement or business decision that you make. It will give you a method to apply high-quality info into your life in a way that will produce lasting results. It is the missing link to making colossal, positive change happen in your life. If you understand the Laser Sharp Competitive Edge philosophy then you can effectively apply any sound principle or action in your life and be successful.

Transforming Gold To GarbageGarbage2

Now, let me ask you something. How come if you take 3 similar individuals and give them all the exact same opportunity, one will be wildly successful, one will earn a comfortable living and one will fail? Is it a matter of:

  • Luck?
  • Timing?
  • Fate?
  • Intelligence?
  • Education?
  • Skills?
  • Innate abilities?
  • Starting capital (“you gotta have $ to make $”)?
  • Connections (the people they know)?

Let me tell you. The reason why the 1st individual will become wildly successful is not because he or she did anything wildly brilliant or charismatic, but quite the opposite. All this person did was use absurdly simple strategies composed of absurdly simple lists consisting of absurdly simple tasks.

In fact, if you and I sat down together for 20-minutes, I could show you exactly what you need to do to create a multimillion dollar business, but the chances are it wouldn’t work for you. Now I can hear you snarl, “Hey! That’s not a very positive thing to say. Why not?!?” Well, I’ll tell you. “How” to do it is not the problem, but the way you think; because if you don’t change the way you think, by the time you depart from our little talk you’ll have rearranged everything I just told you. And by the time you go to bed that night and by the morning, you won’t even cognitively recognize it as the same information.

Brainwash Your Way To Success


It’s funny. People everywhere are dying to get the secret formula to create wealth and personal freedom, to be healthy, to lose weight, to be happy, to have a better quality life; and there’s no shortage of solid, “How-to” info and answers on just about anything you could dream of; yet the results are rarely obtained. Why’s that? Because finding answers is not how improving your life works. If you’re looking for a quick-fix, cookie-cutter solution to life’s problems you can stop the search right now!

“How” To Do It Is Not The Problem. It’s “How” You Do The “Hows” That’s Most Important! ~ Jeff Olson, Nerium International CEO

If access to the right info and “How” to do it was the answer, you and millions of other people would have done it a long, long time ago and been wealthy, healthy, happy and fulfilled with abundant lives. But the fact is the majority of people are none of those things because the info is only the info and not the action. In other words, if you’re not applying the info and “Living” the info, it will only be information and nothing more.

Since “How” to do something is not the problem, another self-help book and more info is the last thing you need to transform your life, right? I would guess you probably already have plenty of great “How-to” info at your fingertips right now. Plus, we’re all so different and learn and respond to different types of info differently that my “How-to” may work for me but not for you. Unfortunately, there is no universal, paint-by-numbers, one-size-fits all approach to growth and self-improvement in life. However…

There is One Secret Ingredient… and once you learn it you’ll be able to find the answers you’re seeking, apply them, live them and achieve the results you want!

The ingredient is… Your Philosophy

And the secret is… Change The Way You Think

Once you acquire the right philosophy and change the way you think, you will begin to undertake the little tasks you need to lead you to and execute the “How-to’s” you require to have the better quality of life sought after.

 I can’t emphasize this enough…

If You Don’t Acquire A New Philosophy & Change Your Thinking, No Amount of Info Will Provide A Real Life Solution

And the good news is… this isn’t difficult to do!

GlueYour Philosophy is Like Glue

The reason why “How-to” and self-improvement books don’t work for most people is because in the beginning you get great results, but the results are not sustained because your actions are not consistent. Merely focusing on the “What-to-do’s” and “How-to-do’s” is insufficient, because it’s your attitude behind the actions that keep those actions sustained over-time.

Here’s the common pitfall for many. At the inception of your new self-improvement program or business endeavor, you feel positive and enthusiastic, then within 30-90 days your emotions change and you just don’t feel like doing it anymore for whatever reason. The reality is, when you hit that “Don’t feel good” wall, no amount of positive thinking, affirmation or meditation will motivate you to feel good again and continue to success. This happens to millions of millions of people every year.

To find the path to true personal achievement, you have to back-up one more step. It’s the understanding behind the attitudes that are behind the actions. Say what?!?

It’s the philosophy. That’s the secret ingredient. Your philosophy is what you know, how you hold it and how it affects what you do. That’s what my main point is in this article. Yes, you need the right info to possess the winning “How-to” actions to take, and you require a winning attitude, but what generates all of these things and keeps it all together is your philosophy.

A Positive Philosophy Creates A Positive Attitude, Which Turns Into Positive Actions, Which Turn Into Positive Results, Which Turns Into A Positive Lifestyle!

To Do or Not To Do… is That Really The Question?Shakespeare

Now I can hear you exclaim, “Okay, okay. Enough already. What do you mean by ‘philosophy.’ What philosophy?!?”

Well, I certainly don’t mean you’ll have to read the writings of Aristotle, Socrates or Plato, or have to learn and understand Greek history. What I mean is something so simple that even an 8-year old could figure out, which is reflected in the following quote:

 Do the thing, and you shall have the power ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

 There are 2 predominant types of attitudes – Entitled & Value-Driven:

  1. An Entitled attitude says, “What have you done for me lately?” “Pay me more, then maybe I’ll work harder.”
  2.  A Value-Driven attitude says, “What can I do to help you and to be of service?” “If I work harder, then you’ll pay me more.”

So, which one of the attitudes above is driven by Mr. Emerson’s quote? A Value-Driven attitude, of course!

Your philosophy is what you know, how you hold what you know, and how it affects what you do. You can look at your actions and trace back through the attitude behind the actions to the source – the philosophy behind the attitudes – to determine why or why not you were successful at your endeavor. Show me what a person does and I’ll show you what their philosophy is.

LightBulb1The Formula For Success is Quite Simple: Double Your Rate of Failure ~ Thomas J. Watson, Sr., IBM Founder

In our culture and society we are not taught Mr. Watson’s philosophy above, but rather to avoid failure like a friend with the flu, hence the old adages, “Failure is not an option!” or “Failure is not in my vocabulary!” Oh, really? It had better be an option because whether you like it or not it’s going to happen sometime in your life, if not several times!

 If you go through your life with the philosophy that “Failure is not an option,” then chances are you won’t even try a new endeavor that you foresee might take some effort and that you might not be successful at and therefore, you’ll bypass good opportunities to learn from your mistakes and not go forward and succeed.

Let’s look at some examples. If Babe Ruth, one of the most famous and talented baseball players of all time, had the philosophy that “Failure is not an option,” you would have never heard of him; because not only did he set a homerun world record, but he also led the league in strike-outs and therefore, he would have quit before he set his homerun record.

Additionally, if Thomas Edison had followed this defeating philosophy, he would have never invented the light-bulb and I could be typing by candle-light right now. You see, in order to find a stable filament for his first light bulb, Mr. Edison tried out literally 1,000s of different variations and all of them failed except the last one, to which he noted, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

 So what’s the moral of the story?  Successful People Fail Their Way To The Top!

CompEdge1The Laser Sharp Competitive Edge Finally Revealed

Your philosophy is your view of life, something beyond feelings and attitudes, which drives your attitudes and feelings, which in turn drives your actions. Generally, people are looking in the wrong places for personal achievement and success, because they’re looking for a shortcut or quantum leap method to acquire wealth or lose weight or whatever. They’re trying to apply the philosophy of the blackjack table or slot machines to their life and maybe “Hit it BIG!” This is very unlikely, as seen by the fact that very few people earn a living from gambling.

In my life, I’ve had HUGE failures and HUGE successes and none of them happened at light-speed. They happened via the Laser Sharp Competitive Edge, which is the purpose of writing this article, so you can make it an integral part of how you view the world and how you live your life each day. In other words, to understand patience, to understand that little steps, compounded over-time, do make a difference; that the little things you do each and every day, the things that don’t look significant, that look unimportant, are important! These little steps you take every day not only make a difference… they make every difference in the world!

The Laser Sharp Competitive Edge is the philosophy that if given a choice between receiving a $1 million today or a penny that doubles in value every day, that you choose the penny; because over-time, the compound interest on a penny far exceeds the million dollars today. Therefore, it is having faith in the process of simple, positive actions repeated over and over and over, not focusing on the results, but focusing on the activities. If you consistently carry out small, incremental, positive steps toward your goal every day, the results will surely follow. Focus on each step before you climb it and not the end of the stairway and you will reach the top floor for sure!

The Laser Sharp Competitive Edge philosophy is the missing link you require for all your self-improvement books or business and marketing plans. If you don’t take hold of this philosophy, no matter what self-improvement program you undertake, you’re not going to be willing to do the little things that lead you to a better life. No matter how much you learn, if you don’t grasp this philosophy of simple tasks and their compound effect over-time, you won’t successfully apply the things you just learned to create the results you desire.

Whatever your dreams and desires are in life, I really want you to have them and I know that you can! That is my sincere belief and I’ve seen it happen too many times to doubt it if this simple philosophy is integrated into your belief system. But you need a place to start. The Laser Sharp Competitive Edge philosophy is that starting point. It’s the first ingredient to personal achievement and HUGE success!

I’d like to close by saying that in these current uncertain times you should start to prioritize what’s most important to you and then become educated on how to get ahead. I assure you that the principles of the Laser Sharp Competitive Edge are time-tested and will enable you to accomplish amazing things, so I hope you embrace them to the fullest. This new philosophy will help you learn habits of thought and action that will allow you to choose wisely every time, keep you on track, help you persevere and never give up until you achieve your goals whatever they may be!

See You At The Top!

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(This article content was conceived from a concept by Jeff Olson =>

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