The Ideal Daily Business Routine To Obtain REAL Success In Only 10-15 Hours A Week

Straight_TalkI want to warn you ahead of time before you begin reading this article – I’m going to be “telling it like it is!” In other words, you’re about to read some info that might challenge you. And here’s the reality – if you’re not uncomfortable where you are in your life right now, or after you read the info in this article… there’s something wrong! You have absolutely overlooked something, or you’ve decided to turn the other cheek, or bury your head in the sand. And at one time I had to come to this realization too.

“Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.” ~ Mark Twain

Are You Comfortably Miserable?

After you read this article it’s quite normal to feel very uncomfortable. In fact, if you’re a goal oriented individual, after reading this article, you SHOULD feel uncomfortable. And don’t misinterpret the word “comfort.” A lot of people I talk to are “Comfortably Miserable” and quite content to stay right where they are. Let’s face it, some people enjoy their misery and enjoy complaining about almost everything in their lives including, but not limited to:

  1. Lack of money
  2. Lack of talent, skill, education and ability
  3. Lack of relationships
  4. Lack of networking ability
  5. Lack of status and prestige
  6. Lack of friends
  7. Lack of family
  8. Lack of the right upbringing
  9. Lack of a good support system
  10. Lack of the right mentor
  11. Lack of communication skills
  12. Lack of people skills
  13. Lack of time
  14. Lack of a fair even break
  15. Lack of luck

Complaining about all the things above is such a normal routine practice for these people that they actually are VERY comfortable with this behavior; that is, Comfortably Miserable. But I hope this isn’t you. I sincerely do. If it is, however, please continue reading because this article was only written to help you succeed, and to motivate and inspire you, not discourage you.

“You gotta be cruel to be kind in the right measure.” ~ Nick Lowe

Over the years, I’ve found that the more I push myself in a direction of discomfort and the more uncomfortable I make myself, the greater my growth is. I see a lot of people out there working their businesses who remain at the same status, title or income level year-after-year-after-year. These people tell me that they’re “going to do it,” “meaning to do it,” “planning to do it,” or “need more time, info or practice to do it,” but only do the bare minimum for a short period of time, or just enough to convince themselves to quit. These people never properly execute and/or never make a commitment and decision to become a top earner. The fact is they don’t have a “Burning Desire” to succeed. Their desire for comfort, security and staying the same is far, far greater than their desire to succeed; but this allows them to escape embarrassment, rejection and frustration and makes them feel comfortable and secure. I call this a “Destructive Payoff.”

Failure1First, I’d like to say that if you’ve read my Article, “Why The Rich Get Richer, The Poor Get Poorer & The Middle Class is in Debt & Stressed Out,” you know that my life wasn’t always  a bed of roses. Quite the contrary. I can remember one night my utilities were turned off except for water and all I had to eat in the cupboard was spaghetti and Taco Bell hot sauce, and believe me, the Italian-Mexican combo didn’t taste very good! So, if you’re struggling right now and you’re going through tough times that you can’t see past, it’s okay. In fact, it might be even better this way and the best place for you to be, because if you’re at the bottom it gives you a Burning Desire to succeed and you have nowhere else to go but up!

However, I also want to add that you’re current circumstances are not who you are; they don’t represent your character, integrity, value or worth as a human being, and they don’t represent the substance inside you that can be tapped into anytime you want and brought forth, just with a few little adjustments.

2-Years To Dream Land

Whether you’re on the top, middle or bottom your decision remains the same – you have to commit to becoming something different. You have to be sick and tired of not being able to do all the things that you truly want to do in life for you and your family.

I really want you to understand the next thing I’m going to say:

Where ever you are in your life right now, there are goals and dreams that you can accomplish within the next 24-months that are completely outside your current reality.

That’s right! There are dreams and goals that you can accomplish in the next 2-years that at this point in time you have no way of comprehending. How do I know this? Because I was in the same boat at one time and I couldn’t comprehend it either.

What I’ve come to realize over the years is that there’s a great need to teach people how to become top income earners. However, you cannot make it overnight. No one makes it overnight. Almost every top earner at one-time-or-another was struggling, overcame obstacles, made foolish mistakes and beat the odds for one reason, and one reason only… they learned from their mistakes, kept at it and never gave up! So, there are no “Get Rich Quick” schemes, but you can chip-away at your goals every day until you’re successful (see The Laser Sharp Competitive Edge).

But even if you make $1 million a year right now, keep growing! The minute you become complacent and think that you’ve made it is the moment you’ll begin to decline. So, keep moving forward.

 Give Us This Day, Our Daily RoutineDaily_Grind

If I was forced to choose, I would have to say that the biggest secret to my success is my Daily Method of Operation (DMO), or simply put, my Daily Routine. The most important strategy that you can have is a daily routine. If you have a daily routine, you will become successful. If you don’t, you might become successful if you’re lucky, but this is doubtful.

“If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” ~ Harvey MacKay

The secret to your success is simple, but not easy and it is this: Every single day for 6-months go out there and get 20 “No’s” a day. When I tell people this almost 100% of the time they ask me 2 questions:

Question #1 – “Where do I find all these people?” The answer is:  Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), warm market, cold market, networking events, chamber of commerce events, calling realtor signs, or small business owners, etc. The fact is anywhere there are people you can find people and direct them to a 3rd party tool.

If you’re talking too much,  you’re talking your way to failure!

Question #2 – “How do you count a ‘No’?” or “What’s a ‘No’?” A “No” is anyone who is not open to moving forward before or after they have viewed a 3rd party tool. You don’t have to cross them off your list for good, because a “No” today could mean a “Yes” tomorrow, just cross them off your list for the day. If you get 20 “No’s” a day, there is an extremely high chance that you’re going to build a business.

Time & Attention Deserve a Mention

Now, I’m going to lower the boom on you with some Hard Truths:

If you can’t build your business part-time, going full-time won’t help you!

I hear your expletive from here, “What the #@%$ do you mean?!? If I had more time I could be successful!” Not so. You see, time is not your enemy and efficiency is your friend. It’s not that you lack the time to build your business, but rather you lack efficiency with the time you do have. In other words, you must use time and attention together optimally because your success is largely determined by how much of your attention you can devote to your time completing a task (see 7 Steps to Achieve a Near Impossible Goal).

In reality, you can’t manage time because time is eternal to us. But what you can do is manage the quality of your choices in the time you do have. And effective daily choices are under direct control of your natural human instincts for comfort, security and to remain the same. You must conquer these instincts before you can become successful, as they will sneak up on you and sabotage your personal achievement surreptitiously without asking you! (see 5-Sure Fire Methods to Overcome Your Natural Instincts to Resist Personal Growth).

Having said (written) that. You can build a HUGE business in 1-2 hours a day. It’s just that most people spend their time doing nonprofit producing activities .They do activities that will never make them money (frequently spamming your Facebook page and therefore your followers’ threads, placing links on someone’s Facebook page, Private Message, website comment area, Twitter Direct Message, text or email), or take actions that have such a low probability of making them money, it’s almost like not doing anything at all (making only a few 1-on-1 personal contacts once in a while, or every-other-day).

The Reasons Why You Won’t Make Money In Your Business

Poor21. You treat it like a hobby and not like a business

2. The people around you don’t take you seriously because you treat your business cheaply

3. You’re not committed or willing to do the things each day that are needed to build a successful business (including training and personal development)

Now, let’s back-up for a minute. What’s the definition of a “Business?” Well, a business is not an emotion, that’s for sure. I say this because very often people try out their business like they try out an emotion to see if it fits. However, you can be emotional about a business; and your positive emotions better outweigh your negative ones to get a glimpse of success and then sustain it. Still,  97% to  99% of people experience more bad than good emotions and quit within 90-days for one reason or another.

(Psssst! A positive mindset is continually watered like a lush green garden with DAILY personal development, training, goals, gratitudes, positive affirmations, and connection to your team, mentor, accountability partner, corporate calls, corporate emails and events).

A business is solving a problem or filling a need at a profit.

If you aren’t generating a profit, your business won’t last. Simply put, you have to make a profit. You can easily make a profit by solving a problem or filling a need at a profit. So, you need to operate a business, as opposed to partaking in a new hobby.

Income Producing Activities or Bust!Income_Activity

Okay. Now it’s time to get real again and challenge some of your excuses you’ve been using about why you’re not turning a profit in your business.

And I really hope you can appreciate me “telling it like it is!” Don’t get me wrong. I do want you to feel good but I also want you to be honest with yourself, because I really want you to make a transformation in your life in order to impact others. By the way, not succeeding is a selfish act, because in network marketing you’re unable to create success without impacting other people in a positive way. So, if you’re not successful with your business this means that you’re limiting the number of people on this planet that you’re going to positively impact. That’s selfish!

Many of you work your business part-time. So, how much time is that a week? You are a part-time network marketer ONLY if you work more than 50-hours per week at your primary job. In other words:

If you work full-time at your primary job, 40-hours a week, you’re a full-time network marketer!

I believe I just heard you drop an F-bomb as you fell off your seat. I’ll say it again:

If you work full-time at your primary job, that is, 40-hours a week, up to 50-hours a week, you’re a full-time network marketer.

If you work more than 50-hours per week at your primary job, you’re a part-time network marketer. But whether you’re full-time or part-time…

You need to spend 75% of your available time doing profit producing activities.

Most people do passive marketing: blogging, articles, videos, advertisements, banners and SEO. All of these actions are not active prospecting which is reaching out to another person on a 1-to-1 basis via email, Facebook PM, phone call, face-to-face, etc. You must connect with another person 1-on-1 and start the conversation (or follow-up). This is active prospecting or a profit producing activity. (e.g., reach out to people on Facebook, call your warm market, lukewarm market – neighbor, mail carrier, checker -, or Realtor signs, etc. and start a conversation; a minimum 2-5 prospects per day if you work part-time, and 20 prospects per day if you work full-time). If you do that every day for 6-months, you will have a business.

But just don’t send a link. In fact…

Never Send an Unsolicited Link or otherwise spam people asking for their business in any medium, instead, be of service and build a relationship by Greeting, Qualifying, Discovering their Why?, Inviting to a 3rd-party tool and Following-up. If you do this, you will bring back integrity to the industry, be respected, taken seriously and go far.

Now, I’m not saying don’t blog and engage in passive marketing, I’m saying fit that into your schedule if you can, but don’t make it your sole focus. And I’m not saying don’t ever plug your business on Facebook or Twitter, I’m saying be respectful of other people’s threads, PMs and DMs, and they will reciprocate and respect you in return. Everything in moderation, which means on your Facebook page once or twice a week (not per day, that’s a good way to get blocked or deleted!), unless you have 2,000 to 3,000 followers (but not 6-times a day; note to self: being deleted is not building a relationship!), and appropriately when PMing (establish a rapport!).

I can’t stress this enough…

Be of service first and foremost, build a relationship, Greet, Qualify, Find their Why?, Invite to a 3rd party tool and Follow-up. That’s the winning formula for success!

Daily Routine based on 2-hours of free time per day:

  1. 75% of free-time (90-minutes) spent on income producing activities
  2. 15% of free-time (20-minutes) spent on training and/or personal development (alternate each one every-other-day if you like)
  3. 10% of free-time (10-minutes) spent on all other activities – checking email and social media, etc.

Step Right Up! Everyone’s a Winner!

RingmasterOne of the biggest problems with this industry is that people treat their business cheaply. Would the most well-respected financial planner, lawyer, architect or doctor just email you a link to hire them? Of course not! Then why do Network marketers do this? People who do this are not legitimate business owners, they treat their business like a cheap carnival act and that’s why their treated with disrespect. They fulfill the network marketing stigma by being cheap. You don’t have to treat your business like a 3-ring circus. Treat your business as a million dollar business and it will grow into one.

3 questions for you:

1. How many people did you find out what kind of problems or needs that they have in their lives today?

2. Can you name anyone? Are you actually inquiring and figuring out people’s problems or are you just out there pitching?

3. How many people did you prospect personally? How many did you create a new, personal connection with?

Remember: People join people… not opportunities!

The Ideal Daily Routine to Obtain REAL Success – The 8-Point System

Each activity below is assigned a designated number of points. Your daily goal is to record and acquire 8-points a day, but don’t let your minimum be your maximum! If feasible, hit as many points a day that you possibly can within your allotted time period set aside for your business. Just not less than eight. This way, you have a system to help you stay on track and a way to measure your progress as you chip-away at your goals.

Remember: Most of your points should be obtained through profit producing activities or 1-on-1 personal contacts 75% of the time.

1. First of all, STOP checking your email and FB, twitter or social media threads every 10-15 minutes. This is not a profit producing activity. You don’t need to keep up with every single person on social media every minute of the day. It’s not making you money and therefore, it’s not worth your time!

2. Perform the most difficult, embarrassing, scary activities first, which are profit producing, 1-on-1 or face-to-face prospecting. That is, 75% of your time should be spent starting a conversation with 20 prospects per day if you work less than 50-hours a week, and 2-5 people a day if you truly work part-time, over 50-hours a week. And the most common question is where do I find them? Again, Realtors, professionals, small business owners, financial planners, or even grab business cards from bulletin boards and call everyone of them. There are a ton of places. You just have to get past your fear of rejection, get creative, perform a reasonable inquiry or investigation and then take action! 2-points per prospect

3. Read your corporate emails 1-point

4. Attend a corporate conference call 1-point

5. Study personal development 1-point

6. Study proven corporate marketing plan first, then outside training (sometimes you have to go “Back to Basics”) 1-point

7. Promote your opportunity (overlaps with #2 – be of service and build a relationship; Greet, Qualify, Why?, Invite, Follow-up) 2-points per prospect

8. Promote your product or service (same as above #7) 2-points per prospect

9. Follow-up with prospect and/or 3-way call with prospect with your mentor 2-points per prospect

10. Attend a corporate live event 3-points

11. Train your new distributor/associate/partner 3-points per team member

12. Host a business opportunity party (and present your product or service too) 4-points

13. Attend a live training seminar, event or webinar 4-points per event

14. Exercise 15-30 minutes per day. This helps your mental processes, helps the circulation in your body, gives you more energy, helps you feel better, you might even lose weight. When Sir Richard Branson was asked what’s the #1 suggestion for productivity he said, “Exercise. This will keep you from getting sick.”

What’s The Cost of Not Creating Personal Achievement?

Stress2If you’re a serious business owner and serious about reaching new goals and changing your life, take the next couple of days and just do what you normally do but log your activities and find out how many times you’re checking social media and where your time and attention are not being optimally used toward your desired task. Many people complain that they have no time to build a business but they still have time to check their email and Facebook every 10-15 minutes  and text a friend every 5-minutes or less. If you only checked these things 2-4X per day, you would all of a sudden have an enormous amount of time to build your business.

I know a guy in network marketing that works 80-hours a week at his primary job and can only prospect on his breaks and lunch period. Why would he do that! Because he’s sick and tired of working 80-hours a week! And if he doesn’t do something about it he’s going to keep working 80-hours a week until he gets laid-off. You have to understand that there is a cost for not creating success in your life and you’re paying it unless you make a concrete decision to succeed and get serious by following my daily routine above.

My friend’s cost is having  to work 80-hours a week, missing his kid’s soccer games and not seeing them grow up. What’s your cost?

One of the best suggestions I’ve heard is when you create a daily routine, keep it reasonable. Now, I’m not talking about what’s possible. For instance, a friend of mine who was in telemarketing in the 90s selling long-distance plans made 450 calls a day. I don’t know anyone in network marketing that does that. I don’t know why people in a commission only job will sit down and make 450 calls per day, but they won’t in network marketing. You’ll make more money in network marketing than in telemarketing any day. But I don’t teach this because I don’t think it’s reasonable for most people.  However, in a 1-2 hour period you can absolutely accomplish contacting 20 people a day and that’s sufficient to build a successful business.

I would also suggest that while driving to work, on your break, at lunch, lying in bed or whenever, listen to some personal development, marketing training or entrepreneurial mindset training every day.

This article may have been very challenging to you, but I challenged you because I want you to change your life and experience the kind of success that you deserve; the kind of success top earners experience who are no different than yourself other than their Burning Desire to succeed and diligently carrying out a consistent daily routine.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with others, leave a comment or click “Like.” I really appreciate it!

(This article content was conceived from a concept by Ray Higdon)

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