The Law of Attraction by Action

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After spending a decade of falling and picking myself back up again and again before reaching true success, one of the things I came to realize was that what you think about and feel and thus, project outward into the world will come back to you, whether it’s positivity, negativity, mediocrity or apathy.

Attraction1Every single day of your life you’re surrounded by opportunities to invite, welcome and receive love, money, or whatever you desire. And whether you receive good into your life or repel it is determined by your thoughts. When you’re locked into negative or scarcity-thinking, the field of infinite possibilities is blocked and severed from the spectrum of abundance, so you’re not open to receiving what you want most in life when it presents itself and you reject it.

Two Examples:

  • Your  hidden self-image doesn’t support a belief system that you deserve a full and abundant life that you dream of, so you subconsciously sabotage your success by self-limiting beliefs and thus, improper action or inaction,
  • You want to increase the flow of love or money into your life, but then demand that love must come from your primary partner only, or require that your earnings must come from your one and only job.

Your attachment to such micro-antennas and thin receivers in your mind are held together by fear and interfere with your good intentions for having more in your life. You fear having a new and better quality life because often the new thoughts, actions and things that create a better life lie outside your comfort zone; because they require you to change in order to welcome and receive them.

What if having a life you always dreamed of required you to substantially change how you think about yourself, other people and the world around you? What if getting paid what you’re worth means that you have to quit your current job or have a 2nd part-time job? What if being loved the way you deserve means ending a current relationship, or taking a chance again on love, or finding other beautiful, platonic relationships than just the one you have in order to get your love needs met?

You resist the consequences of such change and therefore resist the changes themselves, thereby opening your mind to receiving the perpetuation of stagnancy, “stuckness” and thinking your life will never change.

The world cannot deliver the full package of your desires if your mailbox is too small or you have a guard dog at the front door to your mind. When you open up and allow yourself to receive through all parts of the spectrum of abundance, you reduce the mental blocks attached to your good intentions, and the flow of your desires quickly increases.

Is it really so terrible to cast out all your negative thinking, welcome multiple income streams or multiple friends? Can you not simply project positively about your future, relax and allow your desires to show up, without presenting a list of fear-based demands that constricts their flow?

The video below will tell you the secret of how to begin attracting what you want in your life by learning to un-tap the hidden power of your mind by activating 3 powerful forces, how to employ these forces and then, and only then, allowing yourself to attract and create the future you’ve always wanted. If you watch this video and follow its teachings, you will soon forget what it’s like to experience scarcity and welcome abundance into your life.

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