How To Be Successful – The Laser Sharp Competitive Edge: Part 1

How to be successful firsts starts off with the realization that millions of people today are living mediocre lives… but they don’t have to! It’s the realization that information about how to do anything is always at your fingertips, but if you learn this information and don’t have the right philosophy to apply it, chances are… you won’t be successful!

How To Be Successful - Competitive EdgeHow to be successful is the awareness that there are no quantum leap formulas to success in anything worthwhile. Most people who set out to accomplish a new goal outside their comfort zone usually have success in the early stages, but it’s not long-lasting, and you eventually quit and give up on otherwise top industry information that if applied with the right philosophy, would have provided you with the results that you were expecting.The laser Sharp Competitive Edge is learning a new philosophy to enable you to comprehend and apply high-quality information in a way that will give you the results you’re looking for and the results to keep you going. If you understand my Laser Sharp Competitive Edge philosophy then you can effectively apply any “How to” info in your life and be successful at it.

People everywhere are desperate to acquire the secrets to personal and financial success, but if acquiring the right information was the secret, then millions of people would have done it a long time ago; yet the results they desire are rarely obtained and they quit. That’s because finding answers is not how improving your life works, but doing simple mundane tasks consistently over-time.

The laser Sharp Competitive Edge is becoming aware that the information you obtain is only the information. In other words, if you’re not strategically implementing the information, it will only be information and nothing more. But there is one secret ingredient, and once you learn it, you’ll be able to find the answers you’re looking for, apply them and achieve the results at anything you set out to do.

How to be successful is actually quite easy if you apply this secret ingredient, which is, change the way you think in order to acquire a new philosophy. Your philosophy is how you think, what you know, how you hold it and how you view life. Once you acquire the right philosophy you will begin to implement “How to” info effectively by doing simple mundane tasks consistently over-time… without quitting!

Just focusing on “How to” do something isn’t enough because it’s your attitude behind your actions that keep those actions sustained over-time, and it’s your philosophy that creates your attitude. Sure, you need the right information to know the right actions to take, and you require a winning mindset, but what generates this and keeps it all together is your philosophy.

The laser Sharp Competitive Edge philosophy is understanding that the little steps you do every day, the things that look completely unimportant, are important! The simple, mundane tasks you do every day not only make a difference, they make all the difference in the world in being successful or unsuccessful at whatever you do in life!

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Developed from a concept by Jeff Olson – The Slight Edge


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