How To Be Successful at MLM – Build Instant Trust & Rapport & Recruit More Prospects: Part 2

How to be successful at MLM has many components. Like a complex machine or even a musical instrument, any one of them by themselves is an intricate part of the whole, dependent on the other for successful operation. One of the most essential parts of your MLM machine is communication.

Trust & Rapport

How to be successful – Build Instant Trust & Rapport & Recruit More Prospects: Part 1, discussed certain words that trigger deep-seated programming in your prospect’s subconscious mind. This programming commands prospects to make instant, snap decisions about you before you even begin talking about your product or business opportunity. Therefore, you should use these words and phrases to your advantage to make it easier to build instant trust and rapport in order to eventually invite your prospect to view your product or business information free from suspicion.

MLM prospecting begins with the understanding that one of the most deep-seated programming in your prospects mind is survival and the survival programming makes prospects skeptical. Skepticism is a way of self-protection and makes your prospect afraid of being tricked and losing time and money. So, why not use the prospect’s survival programming to help you deliver information about your product or business in total rapport with your prospect?

To be successful at MLM prospecting you do this with some common words that are very well-known, but we take for granted. Those words are, “Most people.” What?! “Most people?!” Yes! Prospects want to feel part of a group and not all by themselves, because there’s strength and safety in numbers, that’s why human beings generally decide to do what most people are doing.

Let’s look at some practical examples applicable to your business:

If you sell diet products you might say, “Most people don’t have time to exercise, but still want to be healthy and lose weight.”

If you sold skin care you might say, “Most women want to keep their skin looking young, healthy and vital despite what age they are.”

Not sure if this works? Ever hear of “9 out of 10 dentists recommend…” This was one of the most successful ad campaigns to date. Why? Because it spoke directly to your survival instincts and consumers love to feel safe in numbers. And this was all said prior to the toothpaste presentation itself. Why? To mentally prepare you to say, “Yes.”

When MLM prospecting you can also substitute the phrases, “Everybody knows” or “Everyone says,” to appeal to your prospects survival instincts and sense of belonging.

Here’s some examples:

For your business opportunity, “Everybody knows a person will never obtain financial independence and personal freedom working for someone else.”

For health products, “Everyone knows the benefits of having more energy during the day.”

If you want to be successful at MLM prospecting sit down and start brainstorming and write down a list of phrases that pertain to your product and business, or ask me and I’ll give you some ideas; and then while establishing trust and rapport with your prospect, and prior to inviting them to learn about your product or business, naturally use any number of these phrases that triggers your prospects subconscious mind to want to be part of the group and safe in numbers, and within a matter of seconds make an instant decision that what you told them, and what you’re about to tell them, is true… no further proof needed!

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Developed from a concept by Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter


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