How To Be Successful at MLM – 3 Strategies To Build Instant Trust & Rapport With Prospects To Get Your Message Heard

How to be successful at MLM starts with building trust and rapport with your prospects prior to inviting them to learn about your product or business opportunity, and this starts with knowledge of simple but good communication skills. So,  let’s get started and learn 3 opening communication strategies to create better conversations, better belief and better inviting to increase your prospect recruitment ratio.

Trust & ReportStrategy 1: Pace Your Prospect – To build trust and rapport you must talk to prospects in a way they understand; in a way that’s in line with not only their belief system, but their speaking style and personality.

There are 2 ways to pace your prospect and they must be done together:

#1. There are two types of communicators:

a). Those who think and talk fast, and

b). Those who think carefully and talk slowly.

In order to build rapport with your prospects, if they speak quickly, then you speak quickly; if they speak slowly, then you speak slowly and match their speaking pace.

#2. You must pace your prospect’s belief system. This is the same strategy that I discussed in my Trust & Rapport: Part 1 series. Prior to inviting your prospect, state a fact that’s relevant to your product or business that your prospect already believes; this way, you talk to your prospect from their belief system and thus, bypass there built-in skepticism.

Strategy 1A: Turbo-charge Pacing Your Prospect – What’s better than telling your prospect one fact? Telling your prospect two facts! Tell your prospects two facts that they already believe, and you’ll put your prospect even more at ease to comfortably hear your ideas and accept your invitation, and you will succeed in getting your message inside of your prospect’s head, so they can be educated and then make a decision.

Strategy 2: Smile – Why smile? Because the human subconscious mind has an internal program that says, “If someone smiles, they can be trusted.” That’s how babies know if someone is safe or dangerous. They instinctively look for a smile. When we smile at babies, they relax and smile back at us. We are considered “safe” and they remove their natural resistance to strangers. So, a simple smile is one of your greatest rapport and communication tools.

Strategy 3: the phrase, “Well, you know how…?” – which helps get prospects to believe your message. Just put, “Well, you know how…?,” in front of facts about your product or business, and most prospects will think this in their subconscious minds, “Well, if I already know how, then it must be true, because what I know is true.” These 4 words bypass your prospects’ built-in survival instinct of skepticism and most prospects begin nodding, smiling and agreeing with you, before you even tell them what your product or business. This way, you more readily get your information inside your prospects head, so they can make a decision. And that’s your main goal — prospect education and understanding of your product or business.

How to be successful at MLM is realizing that the decision by your prospect to trust you and welcome your message is not some random event, but something you can actually control, and now you have 3 professional ways to create the rapport you’ve always wanted. The rest is up to you.  Just practice these strategies out loud until they roll off your tongue effortlessly and naturally.

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