How To Be Successful at MLM – 4 More Strategies To Build Instant Trust & Rapport With Prospects To Get Your Message Heard

How to be successful at MLM is understanding that professionals know that the sale is made before their presentation even begins due to the level of trust and rapport they establish prior to inviting and presenting. Let’s face it. There’s no use starting to invite or present to a prospect unless that prospect is in total rapport with you prior to inviting and presenting.

So, let’s get started! Here are 4 more top industry communication strategies to create better conversation, better belief and better inviting, so your prospects are willing to hear your message with an open, trusting mind.

Building trust and RapportStrategy #1: “What would you like to know first?” – Ask this question ASAP after mentioning something about your product or business. This phrase turns off your prospects’ salesman alarm, so they’re not suspicious of you. You see, everyone likes to buy, but people don’t want to be sold. So, how do you get people to feel like they’re buying instead of being sold? By putting the control of the information flow in their hands. When someone is giving a presentation, they’re selling to you. When they ask questions, and you answer their questions, you’re buying. So, instead of pitching and presenting, put your prospects in a question-asking mode by asking, “What would you like to know first?”

Strategy #2: Give your prospect a compliment – Sometimes that’s easier said than done. If your compliment is too random and disconnected from the current situation, this can make your prospect feel suspicious of your intentions and create a wall of skepticism instead of disarming their salesperson alarm.

Your compliment has to be relevant to your prospect’s environment, sound natural and followed by a question, such as, “Is that the new Apple iphone? I hear it’s awesome, good for you. What’s the best things you like about it?” Adding a question after your compliment takes the pressure off your prospect to thank you.

Strategy #3: Get your prospect to do the talking – Most people can’t resist a chance to talk about themselves and they feel in control and happy when doing so. Ask a question about their Family, Occupation, Recreation before you deliver your Message (Invitation). The acronym is, F.O.R.M., which stands for Family, Occupation, Recreation and Message. One of the best ways to establish trust and rapport is to ask a question because people love talking about themselves.

Strategy #4: Avoid “Why” questions – A Why question can bring back childhood memories of being in trouble, like, “Why did you do that?!” and put prospects on the defensive. It can also help talk themselves out of your product by telling you all the good reasons why they bought a competitors product instead of yours (see video).

All 4 of these communication strategies will bypass your prospect’s subconscious resistance programming to Skepticism, Negative past experiences, Too good to be true and What’s the catch syndrome? and make it much easier for you to communicate and get your prospects to believe all the amazing things you want to tell them, before you tell them. You don’t want to say good things to prospects who aren’t going believe you. You want to say good things to prospects who are prepared to believe you. And that’s the first difference between amateurs and professionals.

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