How To Be Successful at MLM – 2 Biggest Reasons Why GOOD People are BAD at Recruiting

How to be successful at MLM, I’m sure you’ve found, is not always a walk in the park. Are you a smart, likeable person with a great product and opportunity, but no one wants to sign up? That’s because sometimes good people are bad at recruiting, and there are 2 main reasons for this with equally 2 easy solutions.

Reason #1: You have no influence over people – If you’re going to be successful at MLM, you need a moderate degree of influence over people. That is, you’re going to have to learn how to be an effective leader. Leadership is developing in other people a desire to follow you.

How to be successful at MLM is coming to the realization that you have people in your life who appreciate you and love you, but they don’t necessarily want to follow you. This is because you probably haven’t done anything in your life yet that demonstrates you know how to be financially successful. But there’s an easy way around this.

3WayMeetingUtilize a Success Triangle in all your prospecting – either by a 3-way call or a 3-way meeting. Just find a leader in your business who has been successful that you can legitimately edify or build up. This person will become the “expert from afar,” that when your prospect views your business information, they trust your expert instead of questioning your credibility. Your prospects believe that you’re telling the truth, but when it comes to business they more so believe that the experienced expert can make them financially successful. Then after your 3-way, your managing partner can edify YOU and build you up so your prospect feels comfortable working with you.

Reason #2: Most people have an employee mindset – The majority of people have been educated and programmed their entire lives to get a job. The thought of having their own business rarely enters their minds. Therefore, when you start talking to people about joining your business, you’re just confusing them because they don’t have an entrepreneurial mindset… yet!

So, if you’re going to be successful at MLM and thus, good at recruiting, you’re going to have to find a way to make people pre-qualified and pre-sold on your product or business before you invite them to view your information. And you do this by marketing instead of promoting.

Marketing causes people to be pre-interested in your product or business before they know what it is. One of the most eye-opening things you’ll ever learn in your business is that marketing is not giving out information, but gathering information. Promoting is giving out information and talks about you and your stuff.

What pros understand is that prospects don’t care about you and your stuff. So, instead, gather information about your prospects using the acronym F.O.R.M – Family, Opportunity, Recreation, Motivation – and ask prospects about themselves and THEIR stuff, which is their desires and what they really want out of life.

When you find out what motivates your prospects and then present your product or business, you’re only giving out information that your prospect is looking for that satisfies their desires. But first, you must discover what their desires in life are and then develop inside your prospects a desire for your product or business by showing them how it solves their problems. And how do you find out what their problems are? By asking them about their Family, Occupation, Recreation and Motivation.

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