How To Be Successful at MLM – 2 More Reasons Why GOOD People are BAD at Recruiting

The difference between being successful and unsuccessful at MLM is how many eyes you get on your information on a daily basis. However, getting prospects to view your material can often be very complex because people are complex and it takes insight and understanding of how people think in order to get them to allow you to educate them about your product or business opportunity. So, if you want to gain broader insight into your prospects’ decision making process and thus, get your message heard, here are 2 more reasons why good people are bad at recruiting.

How to be successful at MLMReason #1: People like to feel just as important as you do – Did you ever notice when you tell somebody, “I hurt my back yesterday,” the first thing they do is tell you how they hurt their back one time too, and it was even worse than yours? Or if you’ve come across some good fortune in your life they’ve had the same, if not better luck than you at one time? So why’s this?

Well, when you’re meeting and talking with new people, most people are insecure and are not very good conversationalists. So, if you tell them something amazing, like about your product or business, they generally feel more comfortable acting like they have the same inside info, or the same thing in their lives, even if they don’t, in order to feel secure with themselves or at the very least equal and not less than.

So, when sharing about your product or business, don’t be over-the-top excited in order to guard and respect your prospect’s feelings and most importantly, their pride and ego, so they can maintain their self-esteem. Because if they don’t feel confidence in themselves while talking to you, they’re not going to feel confident working with you. So, don’t say too much too soon of a good thing without adequately establishing trust and rapport which emotionally and mentally prepares your prospects to digest all the good things you’re about to show them.

Reason #2: Great products can make recruiting difficult – because if you’ve got an amazing product, you’re going to get very excited about using it and marketing it, and then think that everybody is your market. You have to understand that “Everybody” is not in the market for any product. You have to specifically target your market. There’s no such thing as a product that is for everybody.

Also, if you love your products and you feel that this is a prerequisite to doing business, you’re automatically disqualifying a large number of people who would be good at building a team who aren’t interested in using your product. Your product should not be your primary focus in your business. I understand that you can’t have a legitimate business without having a real, consumable product, but if you’re so focused on your product that your recruiting presentation is, “Come sell this miracle product with me,” you’re automatically going to alienate a lot of people, because most people hate sales and don’t want to become a “product pusher.”

Additionally, sharing incredible product testimonies may be very difficult for prospects to believe. So, you really want to tone it down. You want to tell prospects that you have a great product that people are enjoying and buying, but you don’t want to make it sound so incredible that people automatically think that it’s too good to be true. Instead, hand out a product sample. This allows your prospects to have a product experience and then talk themselves into your product.

If you’re going to become a professional recruiter, you must have an understanding of working with human nature, because if you don’t, you’ll be working against it. That’s because you’ve got your goals and the person you’re talking to has theirs. Unless you intentionally make your goals the same as theirs, you’re not going to be on the same page and your prospects will put up their walls of skepticism.

So, say less to more people and let your 3rd party tools or an expert in your company, do the talking for you. And remember: If you’re talking too much, you’re talking your way to failure!

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