How To Be Successful at MLM – How To Become a Master Networker

How to be successful at MLM is understanding that Network Marketing isn’t just an industry, but a profession; and if you master the skills necessary to become a professional and then take these skills into action consistently, it’s a career choice! However, only about 15% of people are successful and only 5% or less are top earners. So, what’s going on here? Well, the hard truth is every successful person in your company has the same product and the same compensation plan as you do, so the only variable that is different from those people who are successful is you! So, you need to take full responsibility for your business and make a decision never to blame anything else for your lack of results, because everything changes when you take full responsibility for your Network Marketing career. It begins and ends with you. (NOTE: More info is provided in the video than the article).  

NetworkingHow to be successful at MLM is first understanding that Networking and having a consistent flow of people to talk to is the life-blood of your business, which keeps your business alive. If you don’t Network or do but don’t do it correctly, you’re not going to have a consistent steady flow of people to prospect and your business won’t get off the ground or if it does, it will slowly decline.


There are 3 kinds of Networkers:


1. Wannabe Networkers make a mental list of about 4-6 people and hope they will join their business and their entire MLM career is based on the response and actions of these few people.


2. Amateur Networkers make a written list of 60-80 people, which is a step in the right direction. You charge out into the world with a lot of enthusiasm, but because you don’t have the necessary skills, your list gets smaller and smaller, as your anxiety gets higher and higher because your biggest fear is running out of people to talk to, which eventually happens.


3. Professional Networkers consider finding people to talk to as one of their main skills. They’re not worried about running out of people to talk to because they’ve already developed the necessary skills to make sure that never happens. Professionals start with a written list and then make a commitment to never stop adding to the list, what I call, your “Perpetual Prospect List.”


So, the first thing to do to become a Master Networker is right now and for the rest of your life, start making a contact list of everyone you meet and then find a creative way to stay in touch with them. First, get to know them by asking about their Family, Occupation, Recreation and Motivation. Next, get their contact info by finding a reason to stay in touch with them surrounding an area of interest in their lives. Communication


To stay in touch with prospects use a combination of face-to-face contact, telephone, snail mail, email and social media, then at least 2 times a month share something that interests them in their lives; something about their Family, Occupation, Recreation or Motivation; but don’t ever spam people with a link to your business without their consent.


I guarantee if you add 1-2 people a day to your list and stay in touch with them, in a years’ time, your business will exponentially explode, but the sad fact is, less than 5% of you will do this. So, why don’t you begin today? The year is going to pass by whether you begin making a list or not, and you’re already spending you’re valuable time right now getting good at something, right?


So, isn’t it fair to yourself and your family that the end result of your time investment over the next year dramatically increases your quality of life with more personal freedom? So, make a commitment right now to becoming a Master Networker by beginning your Perpetual Prospect List today.

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