How To Be Successful – Becoming a Master Networker in 4 Easy Steps

As a professional marketer, it’s your primary job to find new people to talk to. However, finding quality people that will build a huge business for you is a learned skill which involves networking, communication and making a Perpetual Prospect List, and then finding a creative way to stay in touch with people. So, to break this all down and put it in a clear perspective for you, just follow these 4 simple steps to become a Master Networker: (NOTE: More info is provided in the video than the article). 

NetworkingStep #1: Make a Comprehensive Contact List – Prior to Networking, first make a contact list of every single person you can think of without prejudging anyone. It doesn’t matter if you think someone would be a good prospect or not; just put them on the list. Every person that you’ve ever come in contact with goes on your list, even though you’ve never met them before.

This doesn’t mean you’re going to call everyone on your list, but you must do this. As you empty your mind on paper, you’ll clear your head to make room for new contacts in your mind and truly capture your entire network on paper. When you’re finished, there should be 100s and 100s of people written down.

Step #2: Add The Second Degree of Separation – Look at the list of people you’ve just created and then think of their circle of friends and family and everyone they know, and add them to your list. These people are the 2nd degree of separation from the first list of people in Step #1. Even if you’ve never spoken to them or even seen them before, but you’ve heard of them, put them on the list.

Step #3: Constantly expand your list daily – Begin making a Perpetual Prospect List that never stops growing. Professionals have a goal to add at least 1-2 people a day to their contact list. You might not prospect them, but in order to become a Master Networker you should find a creative way to stay in touch with them about an area of their interest. Think of this process as a primary skill that you have to master to become a top earner and after a while, you’ll find this is a fairly easy and enjoyable task to do.

Step #4: Network Deliberately – This is what professionals do. It’s hard to meet new people if you’re not making yourself available to the world. So, get off the couch, get out house and have some fun, and find places and organizations where you can meet new people; then establish rapport and get their contact information. Not only will this be good for your business, you’ll make some great new friends too.

Master Networkers develop a higher level of awareness. They pay attention to the world around them, because they know if they do, they’ll meet new people every day. Wannabe and Amateur Networkers don’t even notice their surroundings. They just walk through their lives saying, “What people? I don’t see any people!”

So, this is my challenge to you:  Raise your level of awareness of the people around you and add 1-2 new people a day to your Perpetual Prospect List. If you do this 6 days a week you’ll add over 600 new prospects a year and over 5,000 people in 5-years. Can you see why professionals never worry about running out of people to prospect?

Next, find creative ways to stay in touch with the people on your list, and when the timing is right, you can help them understand what you have to offer through a 3rd-party company tool, to allow them to make a decision whether your product or business opportunity is right for them.

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