How To Be Successful – 5 Ways To Shift Your Thinking About Getting a “NO”

Every rejection you receive is an opportunity. It’s a chance to communicate more effectively next time. If you shift your thinking about getting a “NO” after a presentation, you’ll begin to embrace rejection, it will be far less painful and it will motivate you to keep going. You can either wear rejection like a badge of honor or tuck it away in shame. It’s your choice. But how you recover from rejection greatly influences your future actions and thus, your future results. So, here are 5 positive ways to view rejection and getting a “NO.” (NOTE: There is more info in the video than the article).

Rejection1). Rejection sharpens your No-Awareness – How many total “NOs” did you personally get from potential customers today or yesterday? The very act of tracking the number of times you hear the word “NO” creates a solid Awareness of “NO” and becoming bullet-proof to that word. This is important because “NO” is how you get to “Yes.” If you’re not being told “NO” frequently, you’re not talking to enough people. Remember: you’re in the networking business and you get paid to talk to people.

2). Have an equal emotional reaction to “Yes” or “NO” – Most business people see “Yes” as positive and “NO” as negative, which is a mistake. Sure. You’ll be happier if you get a “yes,” but top earners have learned to avoid the emotional Yes/No rollercoaster by being unaffected by the outcome of a presentation. In other words, in order to continually move forward and be successful, you must focus on your activities and not your results.

3). Keep a full funnel of prospects – One of the best ways to minimize the disappointment of hearing “NO” is to keep a full funnel of prospects. Having too few prospects in your funnel will make you feel anxious and become pushy. It’s easier to get a “Yes” if you appear relaxed and not desperate. So, how do you do this? By having a lot of “irons in the fire!’ If you want to know how to get a constant supply on prospects in your pipeline, click on my Free Gift link on my website, fill in the form, and you’ll receive instant access to 54 places to meet new prospects and a time-tested, proven script to convert them to customers.

4). Calculate the dollar value of “NO” – One of the most powerful approaches to learning to enjoy hearing “NO” is to calculate the dollar value of each “NO” you obtain. It took inventor, Allen Breed, 30-years to get the auto industry to say “Yes” to his airbag concept, creating an instant profit of $120 million for him. But in reality, Mr. Breed didn’t earn $120 million when the auto makers finally said “Yes,” he earned $4 million per year for every year automobile manufacturers said “NO!” It’s all about your perception. Placing a dollar value on “NO” will keep your spirits up and keep you moving forward to success.

5). Offer more options to every customer – When you offer only one option to customers, the only answers you can possibly get are a “Yes” or a “NO.” If you ask a customer, “Do you need some more energy today?” the answer will only be “Yes” or “NO.” Instead, offer your customer options like, “I’ve got energy drinks to pick you up, weight loss shakes to lose fat, or vitamins and minerals to support your active lifestyle. Which one would you prefer?” Offering choices will increase the chances of hearing “Yes” as well as increase the size of “Yes,” because your customer may want all three.

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