How To Be Successful – 4 Easy Ways To Survive & Thrive In A Cold Market


In my last video, you discovered the causes behind social anxiety, what it is and what it does:

1. Social fears stem from childhood issues or genetic traits

2. Your primary fear is a heightened concern about your social performance and what other people will think of you

3. What physically occurs in your body when you become apprehensive about one-on-one marketing activities is only adrenaline being released into your body

So, now let’s move forward to discover how to manage your fear, develop confidence and coping skills, and stop avoiding marketing activities that make you nervous, by showing you 4 Easy Survival Skills To Warm Up To A Cold Market. (NOTE: There is more info in the video than the article). 

Social Anxiety1. Look at the underlying cause of your childhood fears and write them down. Write down on paper the things that your role models said or did to you to create social anxiety. Although, it could all stem from just over-parenting reinforced simply by, “Don’t talk to strangers” due to the increased risk of child abduction when you were 5 which has now followed you into adulthood. But guess what? You’re not 5 anymore. You’re a powerful, courageous and successful entrepreneur and you can’t wait to start your day to positively impact people’s lives!

2. Remember that the first prospect is the hardest. So, pysch up! F.E.A.R. is just False Evidence Appearing Real largely due to unresolved childhood issues and genetic traits. First, make a list of the worst things that could happen to you if you talked to someone you didn’t know, like, getting yelled at, cursed at, called names or demeaned, or getting kicked off a property by a For Sale By Owner that you’re prospecting.

Then, before beginning your prospecting in a cold market, talk to people you do know to develop a social rhythm. First, call a family member who looks forward to talking to you. Don’t talk about your business, product or service, just start asking them about something of interest to them in their life. Then afterwards, call a friend who isn’t expecting you to call and do the same thing. After that call, call an acquaintance; someone you don’t know very well and follow-up with something you last talked about. By the 3rd phone call your physical reaction to social anxiety will be more like a 2 or 3 instead of a 10, and you will now be in a social rhythm to move forward and make those more difficult calls in the same relaxed manner like you did when calling the acquaintance.

3. Recognize the physical sensations caused by your fight, flight or freeze response and teach yourself to interpret these sensations objectively. First, create an action plan for facing your social fears. This includes good communication preparation by practicing what you’re going to say before you say it, then creating a social rhythm by talking to people you know first and then cold calling or networking afterwards. Also, support from a managing partner can help you gather the courage to go outside your comfort zone and slowly try new things. And when your social anxiety hits you, look at it objectively and practice some positive self-talk such as, “Okay. That’s just my heart beating fast again. That’s just a normal physical reaction because it’s almost my turn to speak to the group. This happens every time. No big deal. It’s just adrenaline that’s going to propel me to do my best presentation ever!”

4. Pick a small goal to aim for. What I want you to do is talk to 2 new people a day for 5 days and see what happens. But don’t talk about your business, product or service. Just strike up a conversation with anyone you meet in public whether it’s about their Smart Phone, clothing, car or whatever. Talk about anything relevant to your environment . Then work your way up to talking to 2 new people a day, every day. Soon you will get to the point where you have established such good rapport that you can comfortably ask and collect their contact information and then stay in touch with them about something that interests them in their life, and when the timing is right, educate them about your product, service or business.

When prospecting, networking or doing one-on-one marketing activities, you’re bound to encounter some unpleasant people, but remember, what people say about you is more of a reflection of themselves and not you. So, don’t buy into anybody else’s negative reality. If you buy their opinion, you’re buying their reality and if you buy their reality, you’re buying their lifestyle, which is most likely the lifestyle you’re trying to get away from and why you got into to this business in the first place, to impacft people’s lives and to live the lifestyle of your dreams.

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