How To Be Successful at MLM – Getting To “Yes” In 7 Easy Steps

How to be successful at MLM  is understanding that if you have a home based business you’re really in the business of Networking, Educating, Sponsoring and Coaching. So, in order to succeed in these areas and thus, be successful in your business, you must accomplish 7 easy steps to get your prospect to say, “Yes.” (NOTE: There is more info in the video than the article). 

1. Get Out Into The World And Network. Get out of the house and meet new people and add 2 new people a day to your perpetual prospect list. Develop a higher level of awareness and pay attention to the world around you because new people to meet and prospect are literally everywhere.

2. Build Trust & Rapport with the people you meet by asking them about their Family, Occupation, Recreation or Motivation and then find a creative way to stay in touch with them, once or twice a month, about an area of their interest.

3. Ask Your Prospect What Their “WHY?” Is. In other words, What’s Their Motivation To Owning Their Own Business? Would they like to spend more time with their children, travel the world, or start a charitable foundation? In other words, ask them what their dreams and passions really are in life, then invite them to view a 3rd party company tool that helps them understand how your business opportunity can satisfy their dreams and desires. If you’d like to get time tested, proven scripts to successfully invite prospects to see your information and increase the chance of them actually viewing it by 66%, click on my Free Gift link above in the upper right hand corner of my website.

4. Follow-up With Your Prospect and ask them what they liked best about what they saw and then listen. Then, ask another question, because you have to ask the right questions to get the right answers, which is a problem in their life that your product, service or business can solve. Answer simple questions but not complex questions. Simple questions can be answered in 1 to 4 words like “Just once a day” or “Absolutely.” Never become your own expert and overwhelm them with too much info, because their watching you, and they’ll think that knowing all the answers is not duplicatable. Remember: If you’re talking too much, you’re talking your way to failure.

5. Get Your Prospect On A 3-Way Call with a company expert to answer more complex questions, even though you know the answer. First, edify the company expert as an expert and then let the expert do all the talking who will then edify you as a great person to work with after the call. But even for a simple question, always look for a way to connect your prospect with an expert in your company. And don’t forget to give your expert notice that you’ll be calling at a specific time to be courteous and so your expert is prepared to talk to your prospect.

6. Ask Your Prospect For A Decision while reminding them how your business can solve a problem in their life or satisfy the dreams and passions they talked about earlier. If they still need more information, invite them to view another 3rd party tool or to attend a live event, then go back to step #4 and follow-up! If they can’t make a decision, never leave your prospect without inviting them to view another 3rd party tool and don’t forget to get an appointment for follow-up. Remember: The fortune is in the follow-up!

7. Sign-Up Your Prospect & Sponsor, which means slow down and focus on your new business partner by adequately training them so they can get off to a quick start, and then coach them to do exactly what you do. Remember: Your success after recruiting depends on your ability to get a large group of people to consistently do a few simple tasks over an extended period of time.

PersuasionHow to be successful at MLM and getting a “Yes” in the 7 steps above will largely depend on 4 factors:

1. How successful you’ve been at establishing trust and rapport with your prospects, because people join people they like and trust, not opportunities.

2. How effective you’ve been at identifying your prospects’ needs, desires, dreams and passions and helping them understand how your product, service or business can help them solve a problem or get the things that they really want out of life.

3. How perceptive you’ve been at pinpointing what your prospects need to know in order to say “Yes” to success and then providing that information for them. You do this by asking the right questions and then listening.

4. Controlling your natural tendency to tell your prospects all about your product, service or business, instead of a letting a 3rd party tool doing the talking for you. In other words, don’t forget to be the messenger and not the message, because if you’re talking too much, you’re talking your way to failure.

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