How To Be Successful – Harnessing The Power of The Group For Your Ultimate Success


Being successful in any sales career is realizing the nexus between staying connected to your company and colleagues and you’re ultimate success. So, if you ever think to yourself, “I don’t do meetings,” or “I don’t need to attend the sales training,” and you wonder why you’re not a top producer, this information is for you!

How to be successful at MLMOn average, the top 20% of salespeople make all the money. So, 80% of you are just not making it. And for network marketers the percentage is even lower because people tend to quit within their first 30 to 90 days. So, what’s one of the main reasons for this poor life expectancy in a sales career?

One main reason is that most salespeople in the western world prefer to be independent and work alone. But what eventually happens is that you end up feeling a lack of connection and belonging and end up quitting.

Human beings are innate social creatures and need human connection to feel a sense of belonging in order to maintain self-esteem and thus, confidence to do all the amazing things you need to do in life. Have you ever noticed that people naturally form relationships with others without being paid or forced to do so. It just happens naturally, right?

The need to belong is an intrinsic motivation to associate with others and be socially accepted. By belonging to a group we feel as if we’re a part of something bigger and more important than ourselves and that’s a necessity for long-term success in business and sales.

When you feel connected to others, your thoughts change such that a “cognitive merging” occurs. In other words, you begin thinking of your own fate as being intertwined with the fate of the group. So, if you hang out with a very successful group you’re more likely to think and act the same way they do and find the same success; and the same is true in the reverse. This is called cognitive, behavioral and lifestyle merging.

The reason why this merging occurs is because being around successful, like-minded people generates a great deal of positive energy and positive emotion, which results in positive thoughts, positive actions and thus, positive results in your life.

So, in order to have long-term success in business and sales, you must stay connected to a group and your company rhythm. Don’t say, “I don’t do meetings,” this is an outdated mentality.

If you don’t do meetings, your sales will take a beating!

So, go to your annual convention, tradeshow, weekly meetings, get on that conference call, go to that networking event, read those company emails, and just stay in touch with fellow sales associates on a regular basis. Why? To satisfy your fundamental human need to feel connected and belong which is a necessity for longevity in an often hostile and competitive sales environment.

So, remember. Stick with your group and stay in the loop. Those who have a strong sense of belonging have the courage to be imperfect, fail, keep going and persevere no matter what happens, because they have the power of the group behind them. The group will believe in you, until you believe in yourself.

Stay connected and keep your sales career protected.

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