How To Be Successful – Becoming a Master Business Planner In 3 Easy Steps


There are plenty of difficult obstacles in your path. Whatever you do, don’t become one of them

Today, I’m going to reveal top motivational secrets to accomplish ANY goal in your life. So, if you’re a person who has the greatest intentions to change your life and for whatever reason you can’t get started, or you start but can’t seem to finish, or you’ve reached a plateau that you can’t get past, this information is for you!

How to be successful at MLMIn anything new you set out to accomplish in your life you’re going to encounter obstacles along the way, where if you don’t anticipate them and they accumulate, you’ll end up throwing in the towel within 30-90 days and make excuses for quitting. So, why do the majority of us do this?

Most of us end up quitting the new endeavor due to your natural human instincts for comfort and safety. A long time ago, it was imperative for our hunter-gatherer ancestors to be hyper-vigilant to danger in order to survive. More modernly, this innate human characteristic for survival has evolved into pursuing a lifestyle and taking actions that are familiar, comfortable and easy. That’s why so many people naturally resist change and personal growth.

Resistance to change and staying the same is the action you take when you perceive the change in your life to be a threat to your comfort zone and usual routines. To counteract this natural human instinct for comfort and safety you need a map that lights the way so you can visualize where you’re going and how to get there; so you know exactly what actions to take before each day begins.

Now, Let’s Discover How to Overcome Your Natural Instincts by Becoming a Master Planner in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Create A Clear Vision Or Mental Picture Of Your Future. Clarity creates focus. The clearer the vision of your future, the more focused your daily activities will be; and maintaining a consistent daily focus is essential for personal success and sustaining your success. Clarity of vision is the key to pushing past the obstacles and the mental dilemmas you encounter on the road to success and creates focus, moment by moment, to keep you on track.

2. Create A Passionate Vision Statement. Put the mental picture of your future in writing of where you want to be 1-year from now, or even 5-years from now for business. Write down an exact date and specifically describe what your life looks like after completing your goals. Describe all material and nonmaterial aspects of your new life using all of your 5 senses. Describe your ideal lifestyle with as much detail as possible and read your vision statement out loud frequently.

3. Develop The Goals That Will Take You Toward Your Vision Statement. First, commit your goals to writing. This is very important because the manual act of writing clarifies thought, because you can’t write one thought and think of another at the same time. In turn, clarity of thought will consistently bring your focus to the moment and creates effective choices and motivates action.

So, write down your yearly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals and the daily tasks that support these goals before you begin your new endeavor. It’s essential that you plan your day before your day begins so your natural human instincts of comfort and safety don’t start negotiating with you about whether or not to perform your daily tasks and talk you out of it. This way, you’ll just look down at you daily planner and perform the previously written tasks for the day without negotiating with your comfort zone.

Goal directed daily choices and actions are under the direct control of your natural human instincts of comfort and safety that resist change and personal growth. Committing your goals to writing and planning your day before your day begins will effectively help you overcome these natural instincts and their #1 goal to keep you where you are and sabotage your future success.

Obstacles Are Those Frightful Things You See When You Take Your Eyes Off Your Goals

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