Barry Leedham

Hi. I’m Barry Leedham and I’m not anyone famous at all. I’m not a celebrity or a multi-millionaire. In fact, I’m not even that special, with one exception… I’m happy! I’m not stressed out today and I’m not worried about my future. Why? Because I found something. Something that has allowed me to live comfortably without financial insecurity.

You see, I’ve  been self-employed since 1985. Sure, I’ve had some part-time and even full-time jobs before, but I’ve always had a Plan B – an alternative plan that if you work consistently at and never give up, will soon take over your Plan A, that is, your 9 to 5 ball-and-chain! And I sincerely want you to have what I have… a happy, stress-free life without financial insecurity. Truly!

Sure you have to work hard at your Plan B for it to replace your job, but what’s wrong with that?! Over the next year you’re going to work hard at something and the year is going to pass by whether you work hard at something or not. So, why not work hard at something that at the end of the year will have a big pay-off for you? That is, a happy, stress-free life with more money, more time and more freedom to live a worry-free life that you deserve to live!

If you want to discover how I achieved a comfortable, financially secure, stress-free life within 1-year click here: This is What I Found Go ahead. Click the link now. You and your family are far too important not too.


Barry has a Business Administration degree, a Juris Doctorate degree in the law and a pre-hospital emergency medicine license.

He’s a musician, skincare, healthcare, fitness and business consultant.

Barry’s a motivational speaker, coach, organizer & entrepreneur, and is passionate about being of service in the community and helping people better their lives.

He loves family, friends, people, animals, interior design, art, history, traveling, sports, martial arts, music, personal growth and inspiration.

Barry says, “The secrets to creating personal achievement are contained within my videos and articles. But “How to” take the necessary actions to become successful is not the solution – it’s “How” you do the “Hows” which is the answer to REAL success. That’s where personal and financial achievement lies, in your philosophy and mindset BEHIND your actions. If you watch my videos or read my article series they will positively shape your mindset and prepare you for sustainable success. If you read and apply my material, then go back and read and apply it 5 more times… it will change your life forever!”


Your opinion means a lot to me and I would love to read your feedback or alternate viewpoints to my blog contents. Thank you for your time & support!

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