How To Be Successful – The Primary Reason Why You Can’t Warm Up To A Cold Market


It’s completely natural to feel self-conscious and nervous in front of other people at times. Anyone can have butterflies before a job interview, when asking someone out on a date or giving a presentation. However, only about 15% of entrepreneurs manage to get through these nerve-racking moments when marketing. So, 85% of you are just not making it when it comes to building your business through talking to people you don’t know, or even people you do know, which for the most part is essential to building a huge business. So, what’s going on here? Continue reading


How To Be Successful at MLM – Build Instant Trust & Rapport & Recruit More Prospects: Part 2

How to be successful at MLM has many components. Like a complex machine or even a musical instrument, any one of them by themselves is an intricate part of the whole, dependent on the other for successful operation. One of the most essential parts of your MLM machine is communication. Continue reading

The Power of Positive Associations

This video contains vital information that will help you live a life that is full and abundant through positive associations. This video is NOT going to tell you how to “ditch” negative friends or family members, but rather discuss your connections and explain the strong nexus between your associations and your ultimate success and happiness. This video will give you insight and help you become self-aware of your ties in order to take your life to the next level and break-free of any chains that may be binding you to a life of mediocrity.

Over my lifetime, I have known a lot of good, smart, talented people that have often fell short from obtaining their goals, whether it’s a job or pay-scale they’ve always wanted, a healthy relationship, a material item, or just taking their happiness and life to the next level, and having the quality of life that they deserve… all because of the people they chose to spend their time with.

PeopleLet me ask you this:

1. Do you hang-out with people just because you always have, because you’ve known them for a long time, but they don’t share your positivity, ideas, aspirations and ambitions? I’m not saying these friends are not good people, but they may be limiting or holding you back from living a life you’ve always wanted to live.

  1. 2. What drives you to hang-out with certain people that don’t make you feel your best or bring out the best in you?
  2. 3.To what extent do negative people have an effect on you, your mindset and your ultimate success in life?

4. Are you stuck in a rescue-mode pattern and continually look for friendships where you always have more to offer and are constantly running to people’s aid?

5. How do you know when it’s the right time to sever or limit a relationship?

These are questions that you need to consider and ponder while you watch the video above.

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The Laser Sharp Competitive Edge: Part II – The Secret of The Simple Things in Life

Pos_NegHave you ever wondered why some people generally seem to be up-beat and positive most of the time, while others are negative and constantly complaining? Why do some people find it easy to stay in shape and exercise and some people don’t, even though they both have the same 24-hours and the same busy lives? And why do some people effortlessly make their dreams come true, while others struggle and end up helping someone else build THEIR dreams? Simply put, why are some people successful and some people are not? Continue reading

Discover The Truth Behind The Passive Income Business Model: Part IV – Relationship Marketing… A Driving Force Behind Joy, Enthusiasm, Purpose & Reward!

Success5Before I get started on the final article of this 4-part series, let’s first quickly recap what you learned in Part III:

1. Brick & Mortar vs. Relationship Marketing Compensation: A business owner must maximize his/her company’s benefits by minimizing employee benefits and not pay you what you’re actually worth. A Relationship Marketing (RM) company, however, will offer you not only the same, but a better opportunity than the owner or CEO where everyone has the same amount to gain based on personal effort.

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Discover The Truth Behind The Passive Income Business Model: Part III – Relationship Marketing… An Ingenious Reward!


At the close of Part II, I made a WILD statement:

The only true pyramid is within a corporate structure where the people at the top ALWAYS make more money than the people at the bottom!

I can hear you scream, “What?!? A corporation is a pyramid? I thought the only true pyramid was a Ponzi scheme or multi-level marketing?!?” I went on to substantiate my statement by establishing that the CEO of any corporation earns off of or leverages on every single employee whether that CEO personally hired and trained the employee or someone else did; showing that the CEO, and only the CEO, earns on multiple levels of his or her company… just like a productive associate in a Relationship Marketing business – the Ideal Economic Business Model!

Click here–>To watch a celebrity home biz millionaire interview a Harvard Graduate Biz Professor on this subject Continue reading