How To Be Successful at MLM – Build Instant Trust & Rapport & Recruit More Prospects: Part 2

How to be successful at MLM has many components. Like a complex machine or even a musical instrument, any one of them by themselves is an intricate part of the whole, dependent on the other for successful operation. One of the most essential parts of your MLM machine is communication. Continue reading


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How To Be Successful – The Laser Sharp Competitive Edge: Part 1

How to be successful firsts starts off with the realization that millions of people today are living mediocre lives… but they don’t have to! It’s the realization that information about how to do anything is always at your fingertips, but if you learn this information and don’t have the right philosophy to apply it, chances are… you won’t be successful! Continue reading

Think Your Way To Happiness: Part 2

Most people that I talk to and mentor have a difficult time maintaining a healthy level of well-being and happiness on a daily basis. They seem to think that if only they obtain that certain relationship, or have that particular job, or make more money, or hang-out in a particular circle of friends, or get a specific material item, like a car, a smart phone, or some other toy…  they would be happy. But that’s not how happiness works!

Success does not create happiness, rather, happiness creates creativity and motivation which then creates success by consistent action over-time. So, in order to maximize your success, both personally and financially, you MUST reach and sustain a consistent positive mindset on a daily basis by maintaining your happiness daily.

My new video below continues the happiness discussion and will reveal to you two essential items and a paradox that you need to know every single day in order to achieve lasting happiness. So, if you want to be a happier person every day and thus, reach greater heights of success in your life, click on the video link below now.

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Think Your Way To Happiness: Part 1

According to a new study released by Gallup, only 1 in 3 to 1 in Happy Brain4 American adults are emotionally healthy. The results indicated that adults over 60 are the happiest, with those ages 70-79 topping the charts at 36%. The unhappiest among the age groups were the 40-44 year-olds who are at 24%. . In comparison, this is in line with 25-50 year olds where the number was only between 1 and 2% higher.

Our society today is entrenched in desire, entitlement, pride, ego, and fear, and despite the increasing technology, ingenuity, medical advancements and wealth,  people are more and more unhappy today, from unhappiness with work and life, to unhappiness with the world and themselves.

That’s why I created the video below that addresses intrinsic, permanent steps to achieve happiness, rather than extrinsic, surface-level remedies which only deliver temporary results (such as listening to music, going shopping, exercising, social companionship, making money, etc.).

If you want to discover the things that you may be inadvertently doing that may be causing you to be unhappy, or not as happy as you could be, and learn 6 new coping strategies to become a happier person every day, then click on the link below to catapult yourself to the Feel Good Wall now!

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I am in charge of how I feel, and today I am choosing happiness!

“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

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The Law of Attraction by Action

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After spending a decade of falling and picking myself back up again and again before reaching true success, one of the things I came to realize was that what you think about and feel and thus, project outward into the world will come back to you, whether it’s positivity, negativity, mediocrity or apathy. Continue reading